Workers' Compensation Lawyers in San Francisco, California

At Smith & Baltaxe, LLP, we help people reach settlements with insurance companies in workers' compensation cases. There are two types of settlements which we will briefly outline.

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Stipulated Finding and Award

At Smith & Baltaxe, LLP, we help injured workers recover compensation through settlements with insurance providers. One form of settlement is a "stipulated finding and award" in which a specific amount of disability is paid over a period of time. While the weekly compensation is based on the extent of disability, the compensation for medical care is ongoing, and often paid for entirely under this plan.

The medical and legal issues in a stipulated finding and award are ongoing and could require legal assistance years and even decades in the future. Our attorneys will be here for you when you need us — today, tomorrow or 20 years down the road. Many firms shun this type of work, but it is one of many services we are glad to offer injured workers in California.

Compromise and Release

A "compromise and release" is a lump sum settlement which permanently closes the case. Under a compromise and release, you forfeit your right to receive payments for future medical care from the insurance company. The amount you will receive under this settlement option is typically more than the permanent disability you would have received over time. It is an option to consider for people whose future medical bills will be covered by their own private insurance or other means.

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