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Psych Injuries

Psych Injuries

Workplace Injury Lawyers in San Francisco, California

Workplace injuries are not always flesh and bone. Injuries of the mind can prevent you from performing your job duties and earning a paycheck. At Smith & Baltaxe, LLP, we help people suffering from work-related stress and other psychological injuries recover worker's compensation benefits. We know the system and we will help you pursue what you need to cover your medical bills.
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Have You Missed Work Due to Psychological Injury?

At Smith & Baltaxe, LLP, we help people who have suffered psychological injuries recover benefits through the workers' compensation program. In general there are three types of work-related psychological injuries:
  • Work-related stress: Mounting job stress can lead to a host of ailments and conditions that severely inhibit your ability to work.
  • Psychological sequelae: This term refers to psychological injuries resulting from the depression and anxiety of being unable to work due to a physical injury. It is compensable under workers' compensation law.
  • A traumatic event: A one-time event can leave you with psychological scars which make it impossible for you to perform your job functions.
Our attorneys are well-versed in California workers' compensation law in regard to psychological injuries and have a long track record of winning successful results for our clients. We are experienced lawyers and compassionate people. We want to help you get the benefits you need and deserve.

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