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An Attorney Can Aggressively Represent Your Interests and Help You Maximize Your Claim

When you acquire a workplace injury or illness, you want to secure the maximum workers' compensation possible to help you focus on your recovery. In many cases, your insurance company will try to lower the value of your claim to protect their own best interests. In order to maximize the value of your claim, you should immediately report your injury, keep detailed records, attend all scheduled legal proceedings and appointments, and contact a lawyer. Attorneys Byron Smith and Bernhard Baltaxe of Smith & Baltaxe, LLP in San Francisco, CA can guide you through the legal process, explain how to maximize your workers’ compensation claim, and aggressively push your insurance company to secure significant compensation. We offer free consultations for our clients. Schedule your case review online or call us at (415) 292-7800 to learn more. 

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A lawyer can help you file a workers' compensation claim that encompasses the full extent of your injury to secure the maximum compensation. 

Immediately Following Your Injury

When an injury or illness happens at work, it is critical to report it to your employer right away. Fast reporting helps ensure victims are given the proper medical treatment and that the company has a record of what happened. When it comes time to make a claim, the records on file with the employer are vital to the process. Keep track of when a report was made and get a copy of the report to help to establish the chain of events. When the events are clear, the process of making a claim is less burdensome and compensation may be easier to secure. 

After you make a report, contact an attorney. Partnering with a knowledgeable attorney ensures the claim is properly filed and that important data is not overlooked.

Because insurance companies are focused on their best interests, you need a lawyer who can aggressively fight for you and secure the maximum compensation you are entitled to. 

Tips for Maximizing Your Claim

To ensure you get the fair and full compensation you are entitled to, you should follow steps such as: 

  • Reporting the injury immediately: Employers need to have a detailed report of how an accident happened and the extent of the injuries suffered. This report becomes part of the evidence in the claims process. Failing to report an injury right away may prevent you from showing how the accident happened and the severity of the injuries sustained.
  • Getting medical care: As with any accident, it is essential to seek immediate medical attention for a workplace injury. This allows medical professionals to properly diagnose you and determine the full extent of the injury.
  • Reconsidering your choice of doctor: Many employers have a preferred physician that sees injured workers. If you are unhappy with this doctor, you have the right to request a change of physician.
  • Record-keeping: Accurate and complete records allow you to provide evidence throughout your case. You should keep track of the incident reports made to your employer, hospital records, and diary entries relating to the accident. 
  • Filing appeals: If your claim is denied, your case is not necessarily over. You have the right to appeal the claim, but must follow a specific appeals process. Failing to file a proper appeal can have devastating effects, which is why you should consult with a knowledgeable attorney
  • Maintaining appointments: It is very important to attend every appointment made with a physician and any hearing scheduled in your case. Regular attendance without rescheduling or missing an appointment shows that you are serious about your case and getting the medical care you need to recover.

At some point in your case, you may be given the option to settle your case for a specific amount of compensation. The decision is yours, but hiring an attorney can ensure that you are getting the maximum compensation you are entitled to. 

Speak to a Lawyer About Your Case 

If you have been injured while at work, let us help. Our team knows which steps to follow to efficiently and effectively pursue a claim and secure the maximum compensation possible. Schedule a free case review with Smith & Baltaxe, LLP or call us at (415) 292-7800.

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